Druid College UK

Druid College is a three-year programme to train apprentices in the Druid tradition. The Druid College is dedicated to Earth-centered spirituality, the integrity of our natural home, and to the crafting of sacred relationship.  In short, The College devotes its presence—and it is its sole intent—to prepare priests of Nature.

Foundations for this life-long journey are established by a three-year, intensive study.  Unlike contemporary universities, Druid studies are furthered not only by personal reflection but primarily by ongoing personal connection and spiritual guidance of (i.e., apprenticeship to) a Druid Priest. 

For more information about Druid College UK, please visit the website HERE

Learning Druidry: The Art of Awen

Joanna van der Hoeven and Robin Herne from Druid College are putting together a correspondence course providing an essential grounding in modern Druidry. This course will hopefully be available in December 2017.